Plastic and cosmetic surgery Zagreb, Croatia

Plastic and cosmetic surgery

Croatia is respected worldwide for its high standards and advanced medical procedures, along with a great number of medical experts, practicing and teaching all over the world.

  • Internationally educated, leading esthetic surgeons
  • High quality surgery, no compromise

Pursuant to regulations of the Republic of Croatia, all surgeons must be qualified in general surgery, before they get a license to specialize in plastic surgery. We have chosen the best private clinics for plastic and cosmetic surgery in Croatia. They are situated in completely new and modern equipped buildings.

Our clinics will cater to all your needs, without compromise, with the best plastic and cosmetic surgical teams in Europe, at prices you can afford.

Contact us today for your free and unbinding consultation. Send us a description of your problem, and we will ring you back, at our expense, to give you our professional advice.

Why choose us?

  • Save thousands of £ - High quality plastic and cosmetic surgery, at prices everyone can afford
  • Free consultation - visit the best clinics and surgeons in Croatia
  • Expert and certified surgeons for plastic and cosmetic surgery
  • We organize your trip and stay
  • Our expert staff will accompany you from the minute you arrive
  • Recovery in Zagreb - one of the most beautiful towns in Europe

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We ensured free accommodation for all our patiens in our luxurious apartments.

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