Suction of fat deposits is very often the only way for a person with ideal or normal body weight to remove excess fat deposits, disturbing the overall appearance. Maximally achievable end result of the surgery must be viewed from the initial point. Treatment volume is limited with body fluid loss and integral parts of the blood. Liposuction is therefore not a general procedure for body weight loss.

Tummy, thigh and knee liposuction for women

How is liposuction done?

There are two methods in the process of fat suction from the body. The first one is the tumescent method, and the other one is ultrasonic assisted liposuction.

Tumescent method – in order to prepare the tissue for liposuction, a great quantity of anesthetic solution is injected into the subcutaneous fat layer. The skin is visibly swelling and it optically appears bloated. Fat cells are „swimming“ in this way and can easily be sucked out.

Ultrasonic assisted liposuction – ultrasonic assisted liposuction method spares the tissue. After local tumescent anesthesia, fat cells with water will be directly destroyed using ultrasound. Cell substance in the form of oily liquid is easy to suck out. Tissues with less water (blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, nervous structures) and connecting tissues mostly stay intact. It is an outpatient procedure with local and regional anesthesia under supervision of an anesthesiologist. When suctioning a greater quantity of fat, the procedure is done in a hospital under general anesthesia, with hospitalization till the next day.

Suction of fat deposits for women

What happens before a liposuction?

At the day of the surgery you must not use any greasy shower creams, but soap or showering gel. The skin should not be hydratized. You will get all important information from your doctor during the consultation. You will be instructed not to eat or drink in the six hours preceding the surgery. You should avoid coagulants at least one week before the surgery and one week after the surgery (consult your general general practitioner).

What happens after a liposuction?

After liposuction procedure you must wear a compression bandage for approximately 2 weeks, day and night, on the area of surgical intervention. The bandage is pressuring the subcutaneous tissues preventing liquids accumulation. You must wear the compression garment for at least three more weeks, but only during the day. To prevent blood coagulation, you must move the first day after the liposuction (meaning walking). Avoid lying in bed. You may take a shower already the next day. After the surgery you must drink liquids as much as possible (spring water, mineral water, tea).

Results of a liposuction for women

What are the results of a liposuction?

The end result of the surgery can be appraised only after three months. With most patients liposuction leads to great results after complete healing with undoubtedly improved figure. Surgery results also depend on external factors, as e.g. general state of health, skin quality, age, weight and hormone production. Liposuction can eliminate skin damages, stretch marks and cellulite.

What are the risks of a liposuction?

As with any surgical procedure, there are certain risks, about which you will be informed in detail, during your consultation with the surgeon.

  • Surgery duration: 1 - 4 hours
  • Hospitalization: 1 - 2 days
  • Check up and release: 5 - 7 days
  • Note:

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