Chest reduction (Gynecomastia)

Chest can be significantly enlarged, which represents a serious esthetic and psychological problem for a man. Chest growth can appear for several reasons. Due to increase in gland tissue on male breasts, due to prevalence of female hormone (estrogen) in adolescence or due to build up of fat on chest. The result of both tissue build up is that chest seem as female and are significantly enlarged. Esthetic surgery of removal can be done in both cases, glandular (gynecomasty) or fat build up.

Chest reduction (Gynecomastia)

How is male breast reduction surgery done?

If it is mostly fat deposits, the procedure of chest reduction is done by liposuction. In such cases the fat is sucked out through very thin channels through an incision of 5 mm, so that scars are almost invisible after the surgery. If beside fat deposits there is also glandular tissue, beside liposuction, glandular tissue must be removed surgically. The incision is made on the nipple line, and the glandular tissue or fat is removed through the small incision, which is almost invisible after suturing. During this procedure we can also correct the nipples on the chest, if they are too big. Chest reduction is commonly done under general anesthesia.

Before a chest reduction surgery

What happens before a chest reduction surgery?

You will be informed about the best procedure for your case and other procedures that can be combined with chest reduction, during extensive consultation with your doctor. You should avoid coagulants at least one week before the surgery and one week after the surgery (consult your general general practitioner). You will be instructed not to eat or drink in the six hours preceding the surgery.

What happens after a chest reduction surgery?

After the surgery bruising, swelling and soreness in the breast will be present. It will all disappear and go back to normal in a few days. Sutures are removed after 7 -14 days. Showering and bathing is allowed only after the sutures have been removed. Loss of sensation in the chest and the nipples can be present for a few weeks. Exercises leading to breast vibrations should be avoided for at least 6 weeks after the surgery. You should also avoid all external heat sources (sauna, solarium, sunbathing and similar) for at least 2 months.

Results of a chest reduction surgery

What are the results of a chest reduction surgery?

You can expect positive results of chest reduction, and this procedure is done with a great percentage of success. You can expect significantly smaller and firmer chest, as well as improved shape of chest. Scars should be invisible or minimally visible. Asymmetry can be completely corrected with a surgical intervention. The final result will be visible in 3 - 6 months.

What are the risks of a male breast reduction surgery?

As with any surgical procedure, there are certain risks, about which you will be informed in detail during your consultation with the surgeon.

  • Surgery duration: 2 - 5 hours
  • Hospitalization: 2 - 3 days
  • Check up and release: 10 - 14 days
  • Note:

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